Reboot your Biology

This 90 DAY FULLY CUSTOMIZED program targets anti-aging properties at the cellular level. It is designed to reset your total health. This plan dives deep into your unique biochemistry, resetting critical body systems, uncovering food sensitivities, and decreasing stress and inflammation.

This plan includes:

  • A low carb, high healthy-fat eating program designed to get results
  • Food lists and guidelines
  • Techniques for resetting your brain for improved cognitive function including more clarity, quicker thinking and improved memory.
  • Techniques for resetting your liver which plays a central role in all metabolic processes including regulating blood sugar, storing fat, breaking down hormones and aiding in digestion.
  • Correcting the amount of unhealthy bacteria in your gut which triggers cravings and inflammation, changing how your body produces and metabolizes energy.
  • Options for restoring Natural Hormone Balance
  • Month 1 includes five health session in person or via phone 
  • Months 2 & 3 include four health session along with daily accountability and unlimited macro adjustments.    
  • Daily text access so you can get your questions answered the same day
  • Daily accountability and macro checks with unlimited recommendations for adjustments
  • Access to a small FB closed group where clients share recipes, products, ideas and support
  • Restaurant selection/ordering support same day to help you stay on track even when you aren’t home.
  • Personalized supplement recommendations to target personal nutrient deficiencies
  • Recommendations for biofeedback options for relaxation/better sleep